Zbigniew Kopania

Zbigniew Kopania, artist painter, cinematographer, born December 21, 1949, in Łódź Poland. Kopania style of paintings characterized by very high realism, some of them deserve to be called hyperrealism. He often uses thick impasto of paint and numerous glazes that contribute to the final effect of the created works. In his paintings, you can almost always see great color saturation, high contrast, and meticulously refined details.

College degree in Cinematography Department of the State Higher School of Film, Television, and Theater in Łódź 1969-74. An operator of feature, documentary and television films in Poland and abroad 1974-80.

Painting creativity under the direction of prof. Jerzy Mierzejewski, 1974 – cooperation with galleries in London, Amsterdam and Munich 1980-, and with galleries in the USA in 1991.

Individual exhibitions abroad, among others : Polish Social and Cultural Center in London 1990, Provincichuis Gallery Haarlem (Holland) 1991, Galerie Am Isator (Munich) 1994, Turner Art Gallery, Denver (USA) 1995, Houtplein Expo site Haarlem Gallery 1996, Country Club Gallery, Odessa (USA) 1997, Galerie Kunst Centrum Haarlem 2001. Permanent cooperation with several galleries in Poland, including the Blue-S Gallery. Creativity: realistic painting (still life, flowers, landscapes, ballet dancers, paintings with a shade of surrealism, portraits), including Sarmatian portraits for the film by Pan Tadeusz (directed by Andrzej Wajda) 1998. Works in private collections in Europe and the US.