Randi Grantham

Randi Grantham was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. From this city emerged an artist whose boundless imagination, along with a deep conviction to human life, creates magical and inspirational artwork. Even at an early age, he has always experimented with different mediums as an output for his creative energy. And although he has had no formal training or schooling in art, there is no mistaking the true genius in the creations. The artwork of Randi Grantham has a wonderful playful quality, as well as being extremely well created and finished. It is this combination of serious fine art, and playful whimsy, within the artworks, that have won over collectors across the country. He has won numerous “best in show” awards across the country and his works are in the top collectors all over the world. He has always had a love of the surreal and abstract. He stays steadfastly true to his visions using futuristic, spatial, and illusional techniques that stimulate the beholder’s imagination. His art pieces invoke all sorts of emotions. While primarily working with bronze, he enjoys paintings experimenting with all types of mediums and his own unique technique and style. Through the inspirational force of his works of art, we are awakened to a higher sense of the value of life as well as experiencing the sublime pleasure of beholding the artwork. While viewing Randi Grantham’s pieces, we step into his world of imagination and are given insight into the future; thus allowing us to envision our own journey, our own destiny, and our own possible achievements