Pawel Wasowski

Pawel Wasowski "Princess Snow White" acrylic on canvas 39"4x39"4

In 1999 artist Pawel Wasowski got his diploma and in 2008, doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland. Currently, he is working at his alma mater. He is engaged in painting, sculpture, photography and architecture history. Interested in the impact of architecture on painting and vice versa. In his work, he examines illusions and optical illusions, the impact of color on the space and man. This piece exemplifies Wasowski’s interest in portraying optical illusions in his work. The juxtaposition of warm and cool colors emphasizes the psychedelic nature of the painting. Furthermore, the square shapes found within the paintings add to the viewer’s perceptive distortion. Regardless of where the viewer looks, the painting seems to be in a state of constant flux.