Joanna Salska

Joanna Salska was born in Poland and received her MFA from Warsaw Academy of Fine Art. She is a painter and interdisciplinary artist. Passionate about political and social issues, she often touches these subjects in her art.  Salska’s paintings remarkable achievement is the creation of a sustained emotional effect despite multiple narrative tensions.  There is a sense of quiet power, of emergence and beginnings, of wisdom against an anticipated struggle. Sometimes she uses pseudonym “Uba Owl” in her practice.
Joanna Salska as Uba Owl has created a foundation of a new artistic direction which she calls “Alterrealism.” It is an interdisciplinary movement connecting arts and sciences. The main purpose of Alterrealism is to describe a hidden reality in a world dominated and determined by new mass media
Her work has been shown at Foster Goldstrom Fine Arts, Allrich Gallery, PII, Roszkowska Galleries and others. She was invited twice to Beijing Biennale, and her paintings are in many collections, including Beijing Museum, Pamela Bonino, Yaddo Foundation, Washington Museum of Women in the Arts, and many other private collections.


2017  Enrolled in the PHD program in Studio Art at Warsaw Academy of Fine Art, Warsaw, Poland
M.F.A. in Painting and Graphic Arts, Warsaw Academy of Fine Art, Warsaw, Poland.
Studied with Ludwik Maciag and Tadeusz Dominik.


2018   Galeria Wizytujaca, Warszawa, Poland
2017    Galeria Apteka Sztuki, Warsaw, Poland
                Roszkowska Galleries, Hudson, NY
2016    PII Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
                Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA                
2015    Mercury 20, Oakland, CA
                Roszkowska Galleries, Hudson, NY
2014     Mercury 20, Oakland, CA
2013     Studio Quercus, Oakland, CA
2012     PII Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2011     PII Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
                 Hrefna Jonsdottir Gallery, Lambertville, NJ
2009     PII Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2007     Vintage Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
                 Atelier Studio Gallery, Seattle, WA
2004     Event Gallery, Berkeley, CA
1999     Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA
1992     Corvallis Arts Center, OR
                 South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD
                 Grants Pass Museum of Art, Grants Pass, OR
1990     Foster Goldstrom Gallery, New York, NY
                 Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose, CA
                 Cerro Coso College Art Gallery, Ridgecrest, CA
                 Sun Gallery, Hayward, CA
                 John Ash & Co., Santa Rosa, CA
                 Trojanowska Gallery, San Francisco, CA  
1989     The American Institute of Architects, Oakland, CA
1986      Fiberworks Gallery, Berkeley, CA
1985      Richard Hanson Fine Arts, Fresno, CA
1983      Foster Goldstrom Gallery, San Francisco, CA
                 Columbia University, New York, NY


2019      1st Annual Art Salon, Berkeley, CA
2018       Roszkowska Galleries, Hudson, NY
2016       Galeria Delfiny, Warsaw, Poland
                  The Pacific Art League of Palo Alto
                  Galeria Mila, Krakow, Poland
2015      Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK
                 Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA
                Roszkowska Galleries, Hudson, NY
2014     Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA
                 Mercury 20, collaboration with Michael Snyder, Oakland, CA
2013     Napa Valley Museum, Yountiville, CA
                 Contra Costa College, San Pablo, CA
2012     Roshkowski Galleries, Hudson, NY
                 Metropolitan Art, Hopewell, PA
                 CG Gallery, Princeton, NJ
2011     CG Gallery, Princeton, NJ
2010     4th Beijing Biennale, Beijing, China
                 PII Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2008     3rd Beijing Biennale, Beijing, China
1992      Foster Goldstrom Gallery, New York, NY
1991       Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA
1990       Brockman Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1989       Matrix Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1987     Boston Symphony Hall, Boston, Mass
                 Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA
                 Second Juried Annual Exhibition
1986     Richard Hanson Fine Arts, Fresno, CA
1985    “Directions in Contemporary Landscape”
                 Palo Alto Cultural Center, Palo Alto, CA
1984     Downey Museum Downey, CA

Yaddo Foundation. , Saratoga Springs, NY


Beijing National Museum,  Beijing, China
Princeton University Library, Princeton, NJ
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.
IMCAC, International Museum of Collage, Santa Fe, NM
Southland Corporation, Dallas, TX
Pamela and Joe Bonino, Palm Springs, CA
Daniel and Sarah Goldhagen Collection, New York, NY
Teresa Sladowska Collection, Emeryville, CA
Arthur and Tanya Liscano Collection, Fresno, CA
Ela Strong Collection, Castro Valley, CA
The Dempsey Family Collection
Tom Steffens Collection
Janka nad Paul Krasucki Collection,
Foster Goldstrom Collection, Oakland, CA
Yaddo Foundation Collection, Saratoga Springs, NY


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Documentary film: interview by Bay area art critic Mark Van Proyen, 25 minutes, 2012

Documentary film: a lecture by New York Times technology writer  “The physical artist in the incorporeal world: Joanna Salska paintings”, 13 minutes. 2013
Journalist and UCB Lecturer Quentin Hardy speaking about the paintings of artist Joanna Salska on April 13, 201