Krzysztof Gil

Krzysztof Gil "Transformation" oil on canvas
Krzysztof Gil “Transformation” oil on canvas 45″6×31″6
"Kiss before the crash" work on paper
“Kiss before the crash” work on paper acrylic/charcoal 19″5×27″5


A graduate of Fine Arts in Cracow, diploma in the studio of a lithograph from Dr. Hab. P. Panasiewicz, an award in the drawing studio of Dr. Hab. J. Kaiser. A doctorate in 2008. Hans Guggenheim scholarship, he studied at the PLSP in Cracow where he graduated with honors. From the beginning of his artistic career in his work, he scrolls to a topic related to his Roma identity. The artist is inspired by old photographs, personnel from the films, not trying to play them as they are but using them only as an excuse to transpose them in his image. It is also involved in social activities, and anti-discrimination, and social exclusion. He is a member of the international organization “Ternype.” He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Poland and Germany.