Fabrizio Breschi

Fabrizio Breschi

Italian painter/sculptor Fabrizio Breschi was recently honored by his hometown city of Livorno, Italy with a retrospective exhibition of his work at the Museo Civico G. Fattori : “BRESCHI -1976 – 2016” A 40-year retrospective for an artist 40-years ahead of his time.

Livorno, an industrial port near Florence, influenced Breschi’s art from childhood. He expressed reality through architectural-geometric shapes transformed into industrial landscapes, surreal seascapes and robots. “I amused myself depicting the human race in the guise of robots, adding a surreal note to observed daily activities. I sought to glimpse the ultimate destiny of a technological society.”

At the age of four Breschi was winning awards and encouraged to pursue a career in art. He was accepted at Liceo Artistico in Florence and later Florence’s Academy of Fine Arts where he was a professor at the age of 23. He was sought after to teach at other Academies and at 36, Dr. Breschi was the youngest professor-lecturer in the history of the prestigious Brera Academy, Milano, to hold the painting chair – truly a great honor. He retired from teaching in 2007 to immerse himself in painting and sculpture.  Breschi is known for his luminous and impeccable brushwork, creating a 3-dimensional sculpted effect that is a technique of his own.

Breschi’s sculpture “Cycladico Today” graces the facade of the Cycladic Museum in Athens, Greece where his painting of the same title hangs between a Rothko and a Picasso.

His latest sculpture “Grande V” is over 18 feet tall and will be dedicated in May 2017 at “Piazza Vittoria” in Livorno.


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