Elli Albrecht

Elli Albrecht is a visual artist born in Krakow, Poland. Her adventures in art began by studying animation in Europe. She immigrated from Poland to the United States in1994 and worked in R. O. Blechman’s studio, “Ink Tank” in New York City. In 1999, she co- founded the animation studio Magik World where Elli worked as a background designer and creative director. Magik World Studio has attained successful recognition and has earned four Emmy Awards. The textures from her background designs inspired Elli to study macro photography and nature’s patterns.Her passion for seeing the beauty in detail as a macro photographer transcended into her work as an abstract artist. Her artwork is known for depicting the world from an aerial perspective where she paints spiritual connections to nature , life in motion, “Mind maps”, abstract figures. Fascinated by the diversity of the natural elements, Elli unravels them with shapes, colors and textures in a beautiful and mysterious way. She believes that paintings have the magnetic power to unite people by stimulating the mind’s senses. They can change one’s perspective, motivate and inspire them to start following their own passions.She has been recently featured in The International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Rome, Italy, HUD Gallery in Ventura, CA, Galleria Civica D’Arte in Caltanissetta, Italy, Projects Gallery in Miami Fl ,Outsider Gallery in Frenchtown NJ, Bethlehem House Contemporary Art Gallery in Bethlehem Pa and others. Her mission is to connect the world through visual art.