Carlantonio Longi 1921-1980

Carlantonio Longi 1921-1980 – SOLD

Carl Antonio Longi 1921-1980
Carl Antionio LongiĀ SOLD


Carlantonio Longi was born in Livorno in 1921 and attended the Art Institute of Florence and the Liceo Artistico and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. He has had shows throughout Italy in great profusion, also in New York and Philadelphia. He began showing at Phillips Galleries in 1971. Longi’s work shows a beautiful regard for design of a painting, his treatment of space and an impeccable sense of visual rhythm show him to be a painter of enduring quality. But added to this sense of design is a glorious feel for luxuriant color that busts upon the viewer, the rich buttery look of his paint quality give us a painter who has mastered his medium. When a painter reaches this level of expertise, there is a danger he may go off into visual pyrotechnics just, for the sake of it. Not so with Longi, his work has the calm, clear pensive feel that holds everything in balance. His subjects are often young women, capturing an ideal of womanhood that is mostly lyrical, posed against everyday settings that have a calming effect. Principally, Longi would be considered a colorist, but there is much more involved. Within each of his paintings is a feeling of light, so that they almost glow from within, giving them a sort of incandescence. This is an artist of both stature and strength a force to be reckoned with in the art world.